Titre: Letter of 10 October 1938 from William James Sisler to Algernon Coleman
Auteur: Sisler, William James, 1870-1956
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG 14 C28, William James Sisler, Box 5 File 48
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Isaac Newton High School
Parr Street and Aberdeen Ave.
W. J. Sisler, B. Sc.
Winnipeg, Canada
Oct. 10 1938
Mr. Algernon Coleman
The Univeristy of Chicago
Dear Mr. Coleman.
I have your letter of Oct. 3rd. I have
written to the MacMillan Co. [Company] regarding the book,
and will advise you when I get any information.
From about the year 1906 and for
twenty years thereafter the teaching of
English to children and adults who spoke
a foreign tongue as their home language
was a big problem in the schools of
I was then in charge of the
Strathcona elementary school where
out of an enrolment of 1400 about
97 per cent could not speak English
when they entered school.
We developed our own methods
of teaching which was all done by
teachers who could speak only English.

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