Titre: Letter of 5 December 1919 from William James Sisler to F. D. Tolchard
Auteur: Sisler, William James, 1870-1956
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG 14 C28, William James Sisler, Box 5 File 48
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Stratchcona School,
Winnipeg, December 5th, 1919.
F. D. Tolchard, Esq.,
Manager, Public Service Department,
Board of Trade
Ont. [Ontario]
Dear Sir,
I have your letter of November 26th inquiring about work
in Manitoba among the foreign born.
Great advances have been made in the schools during the
past three years since the abolition of bi-lingual teaching. The
extension service connected with the Department of Agriculture is
also doing good work in carrying instructions along agricultural lines
to the foreign settlements.
In the cities very little has been done outside of the
In my opinion the greatest field for working with these people
is both in city and country among the young people who do not, or
cannot, go on through our higher schools to complete their education.
We should teach everyone our language as a foundation, then
see that we provide opportunities for improving their education
through the public libraries and extension lectures.
I have worked for fifteen years in a district in this city
where 95 per cent of the people speak a foreign language in their

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