Titre: Letter of 31 May 1918 from Charles Ross Francis to Sarah Margaret Francis
Auteur: Francis, Charles Ross, 1899-1956
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P 303 MG6 D17, Sarah M. Francis
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Your letter of the 28th of Apl
is the last I have received but
there ought to be another one
along anytime now as it is nearly
two weeks since the last
Canadian mail, the 19th of May,
the day after my birthday so
it was timed just right. Was
glad to hear that Jim got a
further exemption until the
1st of July. I suppose there
is no chance of his getting any
further. Herbert will be
getting so well that he will have
to join up again, if he doesn't
look out. I don't blame him
for wanting to chase around & have
a good time though, I feel as
if I could do the same my-
self. Its only a littl 21
months since I came over
here but it seems longer since
I was able to roam around
a free land.
One of the fellows from
the office went back to England
yesterday to work in London
as he had been over here 3
years & 3 months. By the time

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