Titre: Letter of 31 May 1918 from Charles Ross Francis to Sarah Margaret Francis
Auteur: Francis, Charles Ross, 1899-1956
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P 303 MG6 D17, Sarah M. Francis
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May 31st 1918
My Dearest Mother,
It is a most beautiful
day, the sun is shinning and
the birds are singing in the
beautiful trees around. This
is really a lovely country and
truly only man is vile. It
seems the height of absurdity
that nature should make
everything so beautiful around
and man for whose benefit
it was created should be spending
millions of dollars & wasting
thousands of lives on making it
a desolate, horrible place.
However it seems to be the
way of the world and it
has been done since the
beginning though never on so
large a scale and I suppose
it will keep on. Whenever
it comes lovely weather I
think it is too nice to waste
in fighting and when the
weather is bad I think
it is too bad to fight & so if
it depends on me there would be no war.

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