Titre: Letter of 1 January 1918 from Herbert Winfield Ross Francis to Sarah Margaret Francis
Auteur: Francis, Herbert Winfield Ross, 1891-1951
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P 303 MG6 D17, Sarah M. Francis
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from the Nurse in the Office that I am
going to Westminster Road which
is down on the Docks here. She told
me that it was a Discharge Hospital
and last night Capt. [Captain] Melvin, the
Chaplain, came in to see me and
he told me that I was almost
sure to be shipped to Canada
if I was booked for Westminster
Road as it was the last place
they sent you to, before embarking.
However this is all pretty much guess
work on my part and they will
probably decide over there that I
can be repaired enough to do duty
again. I really don't feel very
bad only for a few little peculiarit-
ies. I will find out in time what
they are going to do with me and
I am not so impatient of delays
as I used to be in my young
days so I can wait and see.
They had a grand fancy dress
ball in the Hosptial for all patients
who were well enough to attend last

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