Titre: Letter of 6 April 1917 from Charles Ross Francis to Sarah Margaret Francis
Auteur: Francis, Charles Ross, 1899-1956
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P302 MG6 D17, Sarah M. Francis
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Apl 6/17
My Dear Mother:-
This is a very good
day to write you because it is
Good Friday. It is over seven
monthe now since I came over to
France, and in a way it seems
an age and yet it doesn't seem
very long since last Good Friday.
I was home that day as I was
on the course as you will remember
and we had a holiday. Every
day is the same here, but I hope
it won't be very long now until
I am celebrating some holiday in
Winnipeg. Not the 20th of May
I am afreaid, but I wonder if
it will be the 1st of July. U S
coming in should make quite
a difference and the opinion is
that it will end things up some
months sooner. It remains to be

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