Titre: Letter of 11 August 1916 from Herbert Winfield Ross Francis to Sarah Margaret Francis and Etta
Auteur: Francis, Herbert Winfield Ross, 1891-1951
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P 302 MG6 D17, Sarah M.Francis
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have to do many queer things over
here to learn to fight for your Country.
I don’t know when the C.B. will be lifted
but it will probably be MONDAY. Personally
I am not worrying much about the C.B.
as I have NO money and couldn’t visit
the nearby towns anyway. As a matter of
fact I have to borrow a penny from
somebody to pay for the stamp on this
letter. You don’t need to worry about
my finances, though, as I have money
in London but don’t want to draw it.
AM trying to live within my income and
am almost doing it.
Charlie is away on 6 days leave and I
suppose, is having a grand time. Heard
from Ted today and he said he had seen
Chas. so I guess he’s alright.
Will drop you a line at the beginning
of the week and in the meantime will
try and overcome bad habits mentioned
in fore part of letter, Further anon,
Your very loving and respectable
Brother and Son,
PTE. Herbert Winfred Ross Francis

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