Titre: Letter of 28 May 1919 from T. Murray to R. A. Rigg
Auteur: Murray, Thomas Joseph, 1875-1954
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG 14 B 43, Richard Arthur Rigg, Descriptive List
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May 28, 1918
Cpl. R. A. Rigg,
No. 2503767
Railway Construction
Overseas Depot
The Armouries, HAMILTON.
Dear Dick;-
Yours of the 22nd inst. [instant] reached me on Saturday
and was very welcome indeed. I really was under the impression
tht you had probably left for overseas; a day or two after
I wrote to my sister, I heard from some of the boys that you
were slated to leave on the 15th. I am glad however that
you had the opportunity of meeting them and that they had the
good fortune to come into contact with you.
I am sending you by this mail a portion of the
Saturday's Free Press and last week's Voice. In the former
you will find an editorial reference to Puttee, which I am
sure you will appreciate. You may have heard that Puttee
has fallen from grace so far as the labor men are concerned.
Puttee would probably say that the party has fallen from
grace temporarily. It all depends upon which way you look
at it. It was a common prediction among our men a couple
of weeks ago that Puttee could never be elected again as a
controller. My own present opinion is that Puttee will
probalby head the poll if ther ever is another election
for controller. As you perhaps know the referendum on
the retention of the Board of Control is to be submitted
in September.
I feel sure that you will be more interested
in the history of the strike than anything else, so shall
confine my letter to this question. The record of the strike
is a record of mistakes. Probably the record of any strike
is a similar record. First the City Council with its too
frequent apathy and lack of foresight neglected until the
last days of April, to deal with the question of salaries
although schedules had been submitted weeks previous. When
the 1st of May arrived and the answer of the City Council
was not found acceptable to the electricians, they, the
ever-ready, came out on strike. That was mistake No. 2.
They should have negotiated longer. The City Council having

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