Titre: Letter of 9 January 1899 from Louis Philippe Adélard Langevin to Thomas George Shaughnessey
Auteur: Langevin, L.P.A. (Louis Philippe Adélard), 1855-1915
Source: Société historique de Saint-Boniface Archives, Fonds of the Corporation archiépiscopale catholique romaine de Saint-Boniface, Langevin series, Box 137, fo. 393-4
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393 – 394
Archbishop’s Palace, Jan 9th. 1899.
To M. Shaughnessey,
Vice President of the C. P. R. [Canadian Pacific Railway]
Dear Sir,
I received from Belgium the News of the formation of a “society
of colonisation.” It is a business undertaking to bring many settlers to
Manitoba and the North West. Many prominent men, that I saw when passing
through the country last Summer, are determined to make it a success, and
their intellectual capacity, their financial means, and their experience
elsewhere make it possible for them to succeed. Belgians are far more
practical than Frenchmen. I heard of over twenty members and soon sixty
belonging to that society.
They will not give a religious character to it, it will be
an association of Shareholders expecting to make a little a money, but ready
to take the chances as they are. They need land that would be partly
bought, partly granted by the government. They have worked something of
the kind in Patagony and they have succeeded!!
What a great future for our Country! I expect from Europe
Basilians (priests members of the religious order of St. Basil) to take
charge of [a] few hundred families of Galicians with church
but having a different rite or different forms of worship, but they have
the same Creed, the same sacraments and they are under the ruling of the
same Pope. What about their transportation? You see that I am a good
immigration agent.
Yours truly,
+Mgr Langevin.
P. S. We seriously think of erecting a monument to the memory of Mgr Taché.

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