Titre: Letter of 16 October 1917 from Jack Winter Quelch to his father
Auteur: Quelch, Jack Winter, b. 1886
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P517/3, Jack Winter Quelch, Letter #10-1/12
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these days. They sure shut down
old Bill with his peace negct. [negotiations]
items. Yesterday the paper 10-2/2
was all peace today it is
all the Belgium front.
Personally I don't think it
will last more than a few
months now but I would
hate to make a sure thing
of it my estimation in
that line have been so oft-
en fooled.
We were under the impress-
when we went down to
the Somme in sixteen that
we were working him out
of France.
But we found we had
another thought coming.
Well there is not much
to tell you when you are
in a two by twelve joint like
So think I will close for
the night.
Give my love to all.
Your affec.
son Jack.

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