Titre: Letter of 16 February 1870 from John A. Macdonald to Alexandre Antonin Taché
Auteur: Macdonald, John A. (John Alexander), 1815-1891
Source: Société historique de Saint-Boniface Archives, Fonds of the Corporation archiépiscopale catholique romaine de Saint-Boniface, Taché Series T7142-146
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or more if absolutely necessary,
that the expense will be defrayed by
the Canadian Government.
You will be good enough to
endeavour to find out Monckman,
the person to whom , through Col. Dennis,
Mr. McDougall gave instructions
to communicate with the Saultaux
Indians. He should be asked to
surrender his letter, and informed
that he ought not to proceed upon
it. The Canadian Government
will see that he is compensated
for any expense that he has already
In case a delegation is appointed
to proceed to Ottawa you can assure
them that they will be kindly
received and their suggestions
fully considered. Their expenses
coming here and returning, and
whilst staying in Ottawa will be
defrayed here by us.
You are authorized to state
that the two years during which
the present Tariff shall remain
undisturbed, will commence from

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