Titre: Letter of 12 January 1919 from John F. Maguire to R. B. Russell
Auteur: Maguire, John
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG 14 A18, Winnipeg General Strike 1919, File 1
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No. 1703
And further they demanded the abolition of the
order in council and full freedom of speech and
press. After which greetings were sent to Debs, Haywood
and all the I. W. W. and furhter the removal of the ban
from all organizatons thru [through] out the country. A
message was sent to the State Governor asking for the
immediate release of Tom Mooney whose innocense was
established beyond doubt etc. Thus you will see the
live nature of the Convention and then we actually got
out a warrant for the Manager of the Glass Factory for
exploiting child labor and caused quite an excitement
in that place. Capiralist [Capitalist] justice was shown up when
he pleaded guilty and was fined $5.00 and costs. Many
contrasts were made on the floor of the Convention between
the sentence and that of wage- workers for having some
banned literature in their possession. I think on the
whole that we did some fine work and excellent propoganda.
So Bob with a big representation in Calgary in March
qe ought to make things hum. Wherever possible get
reds to be the delegates. We will put every effort forth
in that direction ourselves and may be we might be able
to turn it into an S. P. Convention. They carried the
motion in favor of establishing a Labor Party but only by
a very small margin and that I think was due to the fact
that many of the delegates were not sufficiently interest-
ed to vote. However we are not worrying about that be-
cause we feel sure that it will be a failure. Ross,
Farmilo, and outfit are fighting against us for all they
are worth and they would have been hopelessly snowed
under had it not been that they even created Unions and
revived dead ones to send delegates there whom they
could control. Yet even then we carried everything that
we sent out to get. We did not lose a single resolution
that we put forth and as you may judge from the above
they were pretty drastic.
On our journey out we called in at Calgary and
held a meeting in the Pantages theatre and Joe spoke.
The hall was packed all save the Gods and we took $81.00
collection and sold $35.00 worth of literature. During
the week 48 new members joined up in the S. P. in Calgary.
Yesterday Joe stayed over and spoke again and the hall
was packed from floor to ceiling and hundreds turned
away. They will be home tomorrow. I came ahead on
Sat to speak here on Sunday. We had also a dandy meeti-
ing here about 700 present. So things are not looking
so bad after all. We must plan to have a bumper meeting
when we are all in Calgary and then surely that is one
place that we can paint RED. Keep us informed of what is
happening in your part of the world and we will do like-
wise. The A. F. of L. machine is going to work and make
the Western Conference a joke.
John F. Maguire

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