Titre: Letter of 24 February 1917 from George Battershill to Mrs. J. W. Battershill
Auteur: Battershill, George, d. 1917
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG6 D16, John M. Battershill Family Box 2
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after I had bought a few
things which I needed I did
not have much left. I wrote
to you some time ago for
a little money which I
hope you send. I have
not received any mail
for a few days now.
but expect some any
day now. Allan W.
is OK. & I have seen
him. We are in a
big town & I am going
to the picture show to-
night. “Charlie Chaplin” &
the Battle of the Somme. I
guess this will be all
just now as I see the old.
lady has supper ready.
I hope you send me
a little money so as I
can get fixed up before
we go into the line again.
I remain

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