Titre: Letter of 27 December 1916 from George Battershill to Mrs. J. W. Battershill
Auteur: Battershill, George, d. 1917
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG6 D16, John M. Battershill Family Box 2
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I have got about 15 letters
to answer so you see I get
lots of mail. I have not got
much time to write today
so tell Carrie & Darie & Dad
I will write at first opportunity.
I had a card from Sid Fox so
he is all O.K' so far. I had a
nice card from Mabel M. & a
letter from Floe Smythe. I guess
this is all just now hopoing
all are well.
#460445 I remain
Pte Battershill

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