Titre: Letter of 5 February 1870 from George Duncan MacVicar to Josie
Auteur: MacVicar, George Duncan
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG3 B9, George Duncan MacVicar, 1869-70 (Typewritten transcription)
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Letter dated February 5th, 1870
twenty miles to see me; did everything in her power to aid me; gave
letters to her mother and brothers at Ft. William; took charge of all
my things and now keeps me posted with regard to every movement in Red
River. She seems like one of my sisters and I felt very sorry when I
said good-bye to her. But my precious little treasure I fear you will
be jealous of her. But then I know you will not, for you know that I
can love no-one as well as I do my own little girl and
that I have never once forgottern you and would have given all the world
to have had you near me when I was in trouble. I hope and pray that God
will spare us both to meet again and that we will be happy yet. You
will think I have had such a hard time that you will distress and
worry yourself about me. I have, of course, had a hard time but I have
stood it well. I have not hand one day's sickness since I came hee.
This little trouble has taught me very many lessons. I have learned in
reality to look to God fo strength and support and I feel assured of
his blessing and watchful care of me when I was most lonely and felt
that I was almost entirely forsaken and ready to give up. He was near
me and raised up friends fro me where I least expected them. I feel
thankful to Him and rest entirely on Him for direction and guidance.
Now, my dear Josie, I must say good-bye for a time. I will try and write
you again as soon as possible. I am writing mother also but do not
know whether either of them will ever reach their destination. Kind
regards to Mrs Russell, love to your mother and Mary; and accept for
yourself, my dear Josie, the undivided love of your own,

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