Titre: Letter of 5 February 1870 from George Duncan MacVicar to Josie
Auteur: MacVicar, George Duncan
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG3 B9, George Duncan MacVicar, 1869-70 (Typewritten transcription)
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Letter dated February 5th, 1870
ourselves and formed a company, and were ordered back to Fort Garry
to occupy Dr. Shcultz's buildings and to protect $10,000 worth of
Gov. [Government] stored stored in his warehouse. We went there and after
waiting a few days were surrounded by French rebels; our wood and water,
provisions were done, and then got a note from Col. Dennis saying that
he could not give us any assistance; that we had better make the best
terms we could. We were at the time surrounded by a least 400 men and
there were only 45 of us. So we thought discretion the better part of
valour, and surrendered, with the assurance that our lives would be
spared. We were marched off to Fort Garry between two files of soldiers,
prisoners of war. What followed was imprisonment for one month and
two days for me and a few more who escaped. For the rest, they are still
in prison. I spent my New Year and Christmas there and I need not say
it was dull enough. I have kept a journal of all that happened
which I hope to read to you some day. Our fare in gaol was raw pemi-
can, tea and a little bread. But I will say no more about life in gaol.
On the 9th of January we decided we had been long enough in gaol
and decided to escape. Forced out one of the gratings in a cell window
leaving an apeture of about 6 inches by 18 inches. Through this eight
escaped and then came my turn. I cannot describe the feelings I
experienced then, nor will I attempt to do so. One thing I was determined
to obtain whatever risk, viz, liberty. The night was cold, 21 below
zero and it was snowing. I left the gaol with nothing on me save my
pants, shirt and that little knit jacket you have seen me wearing. I ran
right out on the plains through snow two or three feet deep intending
to go around the town and get into the Scotch settlement. But I got.

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