Titre: Letter of 29 July 1915 from Herbert Winfield Ross Francis to Sarah Margaret Francis
Auteur: Francis, Herbert Winfield Ross, 1891-1951
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P304, Charles Francis Ross, Correspondence Personal 1898-1975
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Tell Etta 9:30 PM Herne Bay, Eng. [England]
I haven't got Saturday July 29/15
that letter yet!
My dear Mother:
I am sitting in Theo and
Ted's dinning room with Ted reading the
Strand Magazine at the opposite side of the
table. Theo is running in and out keeping
both Ted and I laughing with her funny
remarks. As usual I can't say enough
for both Ted and Theo as they certainly have
made my leave the best that could be. Ted
took me away from the Maple Leaf Club
where I intended to stay and put me up
at Morley's Hotel where I had everything
that the heart could wish for. He took a
room next mine so that he could see that
I got everything I wanted too. He also has
taken me to everything of interest around
town, including all the leading Theatres. Last
night he took Vern Baker and I out for dinner
in the evening, then too Drury Lanes Theatre
and after that to supper in one of the big
cafés. I try to stop him but can't. We got
here at 1 o'clock today and he hired a big
car and drove Theo and I and the two
children around to all the places of interest

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