Titre: Bert Goose diary entry dated 19 and 20 April 1915
Auteur: Goose, Bert
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG6 D18, Bert Goose
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April, 1915.
19 Monday
Cambridge Easter Term begins. Primrose Day
Packed up and started for Elverding
at 9.30 am reached same at noon
got sleeping quarters for Officers and
self. Had a stroll around town
bought Post Cards waited in offices
wrote letter to Canada and home.
Turned in about 9 o'clock
20 Tuesday
A terrible Battle started about
6 oclock Germans threw gas
bombs into French trenches, after
much fighting, the French
ran from their trenches, coming
through the village. They
shouted Germans are coming here.
making most of the people pack
21 Wednesday
a few of their belongings at
midnight the retreat has been
checked, the Canadians had
a great task in front of them
at a heavy loss they checked
the Germans otherwise Calais
would have been reached
they got within 2 miles of
22 Thursday
Ypres, news came through at
4 oclock, that the Canadians had
foot [fought] a great Battle and
drove the Germans back, taking
many prisoners, the wounded
started to roll in soon after
1,800 was put through inside
24 hours, many of my chums have
23 Friday
St. George
been through, the wounded came
at such a great pace, it was
a great job to attend them all.
Some awful wounde were
attended to, gashes large enough
to put one's fist in, many came
with bullet wounds, many poor
boys will have to have their
arms or legs taken off. Other poor
fellows will never live to tell the
tale. As fast as possible we
take the wounded a distance of
6 miles to Peperinghe, ready for
a departure to the base, England
25 Sunday - 3rd after Easter
St. Mark
or else where the battle is still
raging, each regiment gets shelled
as they try to take the trenches

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