Titre: Letter of 28 November 1917 from Alexander Logan Waugh to his father
Auteur: Waugh, Alexander Logan, 1895-1917
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P3348, Alexander Logan Waugh 11
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France 28/11/17
My Dear Dad:-
"The cavalry are through!" The phrase gives
an impression of squadrons of frenzied
horsemen, driven in at a given point like a
thunderbolt, a mobile wedge to make a
wider gap in the poor, over-estimated
German line. The actual operations were
quite the reverse and things were as orderly
as on manoeuvres. The papers will tell
the magnificent story of one squadron,
how they went through, then fought
their way back and came out, a pitiful
handful of men. Of our part I say nothing.
It was a slate morning where the
brigade moved back. My section had spent
the night saddled and ready to move, on
the open hillside. We were given the
post of honor, with the advance guard.
It had been sometime before we had
slept and every man lay on the muddy
ground with the reins looped over his
arm, dead in that fitful condition of
fatigue, cold and misery. The Bosche
was shelling in spasms but the
whine and blended crash fell on deaf
ears. Dawn trailed over as we moved
to where the other regiments lay in a
pock-marked hollow hald a mile away

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