Titre: Letter of 18 May 1917 from Alexander Logan Waugh to his father
Auteur: Waugh, Alexander Logan, 1895-1917
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P3348, Alexander Logan Waugh 10
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My dear Dad:-
We're in it this time. I've put
in this night without sleep, roaming
about the bit of wood we're in
and our own wire in front. Its been
raining for two days and I'm
soaked to the skin. Dawn came
about three-quarters of an hour ago,
which means that I shan't be
able to move more than five yards
till dusk. The Boshe is about 400
yards away in good trenches with
plenty of wire in front of him.
I found that out last night
because I went out close enough
to hear him talking and tripped
over some of it. The rusty wire
drawing through the staples made
a horrible racket and out of the
dark there came a challenge.
"Wiegetz dah!", then the whine
of a bullet and a flare

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