Titre: Letter of 17 May 1870 from Alexandre Antonin Taché to Joseph Howe
Auteur: Taché, Alexandre A. (Alexandre Antonin), 1823-1894
Source: Société historique de Saint-Boniface Archives, Fonds of the Corporation archiépiscopale catholique romaine de Saint-Boniface, Taché Series Ta3970
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St. Boniface, 17th May 1870
Honorable Joseph Howe
Secretary of State for the
Honorable Sir,
The mail, arrived last eve-
ning brought me news up to the 30th of
April. So we have, on one side the promises of
the Government to the House of Commons of a
Bill regulating the affairs of the Red River to
the general satisfaction, on the other hand, the
rumour of a military expedition whose object
is not perfectly indicated. This news confirms
in my estimation, the desire of the government to
come to a peaceable understanding; but the idea
of troops causes a certain uneasiness among the

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