Titre: Letter 2 April 1918 from Alan Arnett McLeod to his parents
Auteur: McLeod, Alan Arnett, 1899-1918
Source: Original in Canadian War Museum. Copy in the Archives of Manitoba, P5148, Alan Arnett McLeod
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John's Hospital and the first person I met was a pal of mine
from our sqadron. He had a bullet in his leg, had been
shot down too. I was awfully glad to see him. He is a
Canadian form Hamilton. My hospital was just a hundred yards
or so from Col. Gunn's. I sent for him and he came to see me.
I left Etaples at one a.m. went to Calais and from there got
a boat to Dover. Believe me the channel was rough. I got
here at 8 the next night.
This is a pretty good place. It used to be one of
London's good hotel. They put about five of us into one big
room, and in my room we are having a peach of a time. None
of us are seriously wounded, and we have pillow fights, scarps
and all kind of sport. The meals are not much, worse than
France, but they can't get food in England.
I have only one wound of any consequence,on the right
heal. The bullet went into the bone and is there yet. I am
going to have an operation soon to extract it. I got two or
three flesh wounds on the right leg - they were just flesh wounds
never touched the bone - and some more of the same kind in the
hip. The doctor at the first dressing station took some
bullets out, but they were nothing, didn't even hurt. The one
in my heel hurt though, I nearly fainted with pain. Hammond
had lot of bullets in him too, he was much worse than I was.
The doctor says it will take some time for the wound
in my heel to get better, tho it isn't of much consequence.
When I get my Medical Board I am going to apply for leave to
go back to Canada till I get better, but I couldn't stay long.
Not likely I get it tho - leave is hard to get. I won't know
what to do all the time here. I wish I could get either to

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