Titre: Letter 2 April 1918 from Alan Arnett McLeod to his parents
Auteur: McLeod, Alan Arnett, 1899-1918
Source: Original in Canadian War Museum. Copy in the Archives of Manitoba, P5148, Alan Arnett McLeod
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Prince of Wales Hospital
Marylsbone Road,
London, W. W. 1
April 2nd, 1918.
Dear Old Dad and Mother,-
Well this is a great old war. Here I am in a London
Hospital, feeling as fit as ever I did, but mighty sorry to have
left France now the fun has begun. If I could, I'd go back
today, for we were having loads of fun; beaucoup Huns to scrap
with and everything, it was grand.
The work we were doing when I left was lots of fun,
working on the front where the great Push was around Albert,
Bruy, Perrone and Baupaume, not very far from Amiens. Our
aerodome was about sixty miles away, but we used to fly down
and work there. The Huns took all that ground there because
they wasted their men, just jammed them in. We would go over
in our machines, drop bombs on them and rake them with our
machine gun fire. It was just slaughter, but they always
had more men to take the places of the fallen. They out-
numbered us about ten to one. Our fellows made a mighty good
fight for it tho. A lot of it was open warfare and hand to
hand fighting like the old days. We flew very low and got
a great view of what was going on. I'll never forget it as
long as I live.
When I got it March 27, it was a cloudy day and the clouds
were low. Six of us started out in the morning form Albert
in formation. It was so cloudy the we all lost each other.
We didn't know where we were. I wandered round the country
and as I did not know that part of the line, I did not know
which were our fellows and which were Huns. So I went back.

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