Titre: Letter 4 May 1917 from Wilfrid R. Snow to Alan Arnett McLeod
Auteur: Snow, Wilfrid R.
Source: Original in Canadian War Museum. Copy in the Archives of Manitoba, P5148, Alan Arnett McLeod.
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Dear McLeod,-
A thousand congratulations. It has been
a long while coming through but that only makes one more
delighted not that it is cut. Everyone is very bucked
about it and for myself I can't tell you how pleased I am.
It is the first V.C. [Victoria Cross] in the 1st Brigade and will be the
last I expect. The first ever gained, to my knowledge
in a Corps Squadron. You have done more for the name of
this Squadron than a dozen others will do till the end
of the war.
How are the wounds getting on? The Prince of
Wales is more or less a Convalescent Hospital as far as
I remember so I suppose you spend your time poking about
Have you heard from Hammond lately. [?] Last I heard
was about a fortnight ago and he was still at Rouen and
going on fairly well.
Dunkerly who was wounded the same day as you
were is now in the Central R.F.C. Hospital at Hampstead.
You might go and see him if you're doing nothing.
Mitchell is going on leave to-day. He is here
now and is coming to see you when he gets over and bring
in person the congratulations of the whole Squadron.
Don't forget No. 2 Squadron when you come out
again. I'll poison the latest joined pilot if there isn't a vacancy when you come overseas.!!!!!!!!
Kindest regards,
Yours sincerely,
(Sgd.) Wilfrid R. Snow.

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