Title: Circular 1706 of 23 June 1919 Socialist Party of Canada
Author: Maguire, John
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG 14 A18, Winnipeg General Strike 1919 File 1
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Circular 1706
Edmonton, 23rd June 1919
Dear Comrade
Out of the conflict that is raging
between capital and labor from Winnipeg to Vancouver
has resulted in the iron hand of the "State" being
laid on many of the foremost fighters in the "Class War"
In the early hours of June 17th, comrades R. B. Russel,
George Armstrong, J. J. Queen, A. A. Heap, R. E. Bray and
others were taken from their beds and secretly dragged
Stoney Mountain Prison. Two days later Comrade W. A.
Pritchard was arrested in Calgary on his way to Van-
couver from Winnipeg.
Saturday June 21st, the workers in Winnipeg decided to
hold a silent mass parade in protest to this high handed
act but again the iron hand was used in a more ruthless
manner as one of the workers was murdered and several
injured by volleys of bullets from the guns of the North
West Mounted Police.
Now comrade, while this conflict is raging in all its
brutality in the industrial centres we appeal to you to
render all the assistance possible. Our comrades mut
be released from the dungeons of our masters. You cannot,
you must not, forsake them. Our only means at the
present stage of the game to obtain their freedom is thro [through]
the masters courts, to-morrow it will be different, and
seems not to be too far distant. You understand comrades.
Funds are ugently required to free our comrade, so we
make our strongest appeal to you to send in all the funds
possible. All monies to be made payable to John F.
Maguire, Box 785 Edmonton, Alberta.
On behalf of the above committee I remain,
Yours in the Class War,
John F. Maguire

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