Title: Minutes, Rockwood Agricultural Society, 7 December 1910
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P3384, Rockwood Agricultural Society
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On Wednesday December 7th 1910
A meeting was held in the Town Hall Stonewall
Addressed by Professor Juniper & Miss Kennedy
of the Agricultural Collage [College].
The meeting was called especially for Ladies
there was from 80 to 85 present.
Mis Juniper briefly outlined the
work of the college, being that of teaching
cooking, laundry work, making silver polish
and general house work, also preparation
of furniture, and how to furnish a
house to the best advantage, with the
least expence [expense], and particularly of keeping
an itamized [itemized] account of all expenditures
both in furnishing as well as living.
She also spoke of the necessity
of having all possible labor saving
applyances [appliances] in the home
such as the dumb waiter,
the trolley for removing articles too [to]
and from the dining-room,
casters under all movable articles
of furniture, a stool at the
table when washing dishes,
and water brought into the kitchen
through pipes if at all possible,
Claiming for the house-wife the
same improvements & conveaniences [conveniences]
that the husband deem [deems]to be
necessary on the farm.
And the speaker urged the ladies to keep
pressing the claims for the home, quietly
but yet persistantly [persistently] until they obtain them,

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