Title: Treaty Number 1, 3 August 1871
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG1 A5, Indians Treaty No. 1
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issuing therefrom to the mouth thereof
in Winnipeg River; thence by the
Winnipeg River to its mouth; thence
westwardly, including all the islands
near the South end of the Lake, across
the Lake to the mouth of Drunken
River; thence westwardly to a Point
on Lake Manitoba half way between
Oak Point and the mouth of Swan
Creek; thence across Lake Manitoba
in a line due west to its Western
Shore; thence in a straight line to
the crossing of the Rapids on the
Assiniboine; thence due South to the
International Boundary line; and
thence eastwardly by the said line
to the place of beginning, to have
and to hold the same to Her said
Majesty the Queen and Her successors
for ever; and Her Majesty the Queen
hereby agrees and undertakes to lay
aside and reserve for the sole and
exclusive use of the Indians the

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