Title: Treaty Number 1, 3 August 1871
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG1 A5, Indians Treaty No. 1
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or Flying round, Wa-ko-wush,
or Whip-poor-will, Oo-za-we-
kwun, or Yellow Quill, and
thereupon in open council the
different bands have presented their
respective Chiefs to His Excellency
the Lieutenant Governor of the
Province of Manitoba and of the
North-West Territory being present
at such council, and to the said
Commissioner, as the Chiefs and
Head-men for the purposes aforesaid
of the respective bands of Indians
inhabiting the said district herein-
after described; and whereas the
said Lieutenant Governor and the
said Commissioner then and there
received and acknowledged the
persons so presented as Chiefs and
Head-men for the purpose aforesaid;
and whereas the said Commissioner
has proceeded to negotiate a Treaty
with the said Indians, and the

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