Title: Treaty Number 1, 3 August 1871
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG1 A5, Indians Treaty No. 1
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matters of interest to Her Most
Gracious Majesty, of the one part,
and to the said Indians of the
other, and whereas the said
Indians have been notified and
informed by Her Majesty's said
Commissioner that it is the desire
of Her Majesty to open up to
settlement and immigration a
tract of country bounded and
described as hereinafter mentioned,
and to obtain the consent thereto
of her Indian subjects inhabiting
the said tract, and to make a
treaty and arrangements with
them so that there may be peace
and good will between them and
Her Majesty, and that they may
know and be assured of what
allowance they are to count upon
and receive year by year from Her
Majesty's bounty and benevolence.

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