Title: Treaty Number 1, 3 August 1871
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG1 A5, Indians Treaty No. 1
Page 10 of 13


the Indians of the Reserve
should desire it.
Within the boundary of Indian
reserves, until otherwise enacted by
the proper legislative authority, no
intoxicating liquor shall be
allowed to be introduced or sold,
and all laws now in force or here-
after to be enacted to preserve
Her Majesty's Indian subjects
inhabiting the reserves or living
elsewhere from the evil influence
of the use of intoxicating liquors
shall be strictly enforced.
Her Majesty's Commissioner
shall, as soon as possible after
the execution of this treaty, cause
to be taken an accurate census
of all the Indians inhabiting the
district above described, distributing
them in families, and shall in
every year ensuing the date hereof,

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