Title: Petition presented by the Political Equality League, 23 December 1915
Author: Political Equality League
Source: Archives of Manitoba, Events 173/5, N9907
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To the Honourable Members of His Majesty's Government of the Province of Manitoba, and the Honourable
Members of the Legislative Assembly of the said Province.
WHEREAS the follwing resolution forms part of the resolutions of the Liberal Party as defining the Policy of
Government of the said Party in the Province of Manitoba, that is to say:-
"The Liberal Party believing that there are no just ground for debarring women from the right to vote, will
"enact a measure providing for equal suffrage upon it being established by petition that this is desired by adult women
"to a number equivalent to fifteen per cent of the votes cast at the preceding general election in this Province:"
AND WHEREAS the Liberal party are now the party in office in the said Province;
NOW THEREFORE the petition of the undersigned humbly sheweth:-
Your Petitioners are women over the age of twenty-one years and are resident in the Province of Manitoba.
Your Petitioners are desirous that a measure shall be enacted forthwith extending the franchise to women on equal
terms with men.
WHEREFORE YOUR PETITIONERS PRAY that there shall be enacted by the Legislative Assembly at the Session
in which this Petition is presented to His Majesty's said Government a measure extending the franchise to women on equal
terms with men.
AND your Petitioners as in duty bound, will ever pray.
Signature of Petitioners Residence Occupation
Jessie Robinson 703 Wellington Cres.
E. L. McCarthy Avenue
L. G. Piper Strabrooke Pl.
Mary McMillam 645 Wellington Cres.
E. F. 34 Amhurst St.
Emily F. Machray 76 Harrow Street
Annie S. Riley 90 Eastgate Armstrong Point H. W.
Jean I. Riley 437 Assiniboine Ave.
Katleen F. Culver Ft. Garry Drive, Ft. Garry
Catherine Bawlf 117 Kennedy St.
Bessie Elliott 351 Kennedy St.
Mary Elliot " "
Kate MacMillan 264 Balmoral St.
Jean C. Hinback 195 Roslyn Road
Claire Carey 195 Roslyn Road
Edith 271 Wellington Crescent
Edith Rogers 23 Roslyn Road
Margaret W. Veesse 66 Smith Street
Gertrude M. Black 59 Place
Laura M. Davidson 10 Row
Alice Hurnell 52 Edmonton Street
Ella L. Dugdale 515 Brandon Ave.
Dorothy K. Godelard 59 Edmonton Street
Alice H. Chalmers 167 Arlington Street
M. H. MacKenzie 264 Balmoral Street
B. de Denus Provencher Block
E. Turnbull 28 Edmonton Street

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