Title: Report of the Literature Committee, Political Equality League, 18 November 1913
Author: Flett, Winona, d. 1922;Political Equality League
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P192, Political Equality League File 2
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Political Equality League
of Winnipeg
Winnipeg, Man. November 18, 1913
Report of Literature Committee
Cost of Printing 1000 booklets - "Legal Status
of Women in Manitoba" $110.00.
Original quotation was $75.00, one new
chapter was added, two new pages and also
some alterations made, with blank pages for
memoranda at the end, which accounts for the
additional cost.

To date have sold about $20.00 worth, of which
amount $16.00 was remitted to the Treasurer, Mr.
Thomas, on the 13 inst. [instant], along with cheque for
$10.00, very kindly donated to the Literature fund
by Mrs. McClung.

To increase the sale of the booklet, suggest that
a volunteer corps of our own younger members follow
the different Suffrage meetings around with a supply,
also other literature, banners, pins etc.

Would also suggest having Suffrage booths at the
different Church Bazaars, which will be numerous
between now and Christmas. These could be handled
by girls in white, with the "Votes for Women" ribbon
sashes, and have the booth decorated with "Votes for
Women" propoganda decorations.

For free distribution along with the dodgers gotten
out for the Stampede, would like "Why Manitoba Women
want the Ballot", which we are going to ask Mrs.
Thomas to prepare, if she will kindly consent. Local
application of the movement makes enthusiasm.
Respectfully submitted,
Literature Committee,
Per Winona M. Flett

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