Title: The Manitoba School Question: To the Orangemen and Protestants of Canada
Author: Mulvey, Stewart, 1834-1908
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG14 B21, Colin H. Campbell, Box 6, Manitoba School Question file
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legislation for Roman Catholics and none others.
To uphold the Government and people of Manitoba
in their struggle for Public Schools, we conceive to be the
solemn duty of every Orangeman and patriotic man in Canada;
no matter to what political party he may bleong. To the
report of the attempted interference of the Dominion with
either our Schools or school fund, His Honor the Lieutenant-
Governor of Manitoba was made to say in his speech
from the throne at the opening of our provincial Legislature
yesterday; "Whether or not a deman will made by the
Federal Government that that act shall be modified is not yet
hnown to my Government. But it is not the intention of
my Government in any way to recede from its determination to
uphold the present public shcool system, which if left to its
own operation, would in all probability soon become universal
throughout the Province."
We need not remind the Orangemen of Canada that
spearate [separate] Schools are a curse to our fair heritage, and that
one public school for all is sound doctrine on this continent
and that Protestants have consciens as well as Roman Cathol-
ics, and that the pretentions of the followere of Pius the
9th, who said "Our Church (Roman Catholic) is God's Church
and not accountable to either state or Country" should be
met by a determined response on no surrender.
Manitoba has dared to strike for her right, and as sure as
there is a God in Heaven, she will maintain it. We only
want equality before the law, in education as all else, and in
our humble opinions it is fo the Orangemen of Canada to insist
upon the feelings, wishes and consciences of the majority
of this Province being respected, come what may.
(sgd) [signed] S. Mulvey

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