Title: The Manitoba School Question: To the Orangemen and Protestants of Canada
Author: Mulvey, Stewart, 1834-1908
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG14 B21, Colin H. Campbell, Box 6, Manitoba School Question file
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It is unnecessary for me to call your atten-
tion to the fact that the School Act of 1890 has been
declared constitutional by the Judicial Committee of the
Privy Council, the highest Court in the British Empire.
Since then the Roman Catholic minority of this Province are
making every effort to obtain remedial Legislation through
the Governor-general-in-Council, and while we disclaim an
intolerant spirit; I hold it is our duty as Orangemen and
Protestants to protest in the strongest manner possible
against any interference with our present School law by the
Federal Parliament at Ottawa.
As you are aware the Government of Manitoba in 1890
passed an Act for abolition of separate schools in this
Province, and established in their stead one public system
for all. No doubt this action was to a great extent the
outcome of the Jesuit estate act of Quebec passed two years
You will remember that a few years ago the Roman
Catholic appealed against the Act, and the Dominion Government
paid the expenses of their appeal to the Queen's Privy
Council. This highest Court of the realm decided that
Manitoba had full power and control over all educational matter
within the Province.
The Roman Hierarchy still persevered in their
efforts to break up our public school system which has been
in satisfactory operation for the past five years. By a
most extraordinary and apparently inconsistent decision of the
Privy Council it was lately decided by that body that the
Dominion Government has the power to grant remedial

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