Title: Letter of 20 March 1919 from S. R. Keeling to W. A. Pritchard
Author: Keeling, S. R.
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG10 A3, One Big Union, M308
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had passed. still the vote would have gone against us
anyway. the meeting was packed for the purpose
of getting it in the press. & the press made the
most of it. & are doing now all they can to offset
the movement. Calgary G.W.V.A. also passed a
resolution condemning the action of Conference.
then Calgary T. & L. meets last night & nothing
doing, they are not being stampeded. in the meantime
we are working & preparing the ground & will let
the propaganda gather force till the time of election
the Fed. Lab. Union is doing fine work & we hope
to have a 1000 members before “the time”. that will
offset the few craft pimps around here.
well everything is going fine in fact I’m most optimistic
in regard to the results. Berg is working like a
slave & sticks with it early & late.
There is nothing in the papers these days in regard to
Germany, but there is a fierce propaganda against
the Bolshevicks, but nobody seems to take much
note of it. we seem to have had too long a start
with our side of the case. we had meetings arranged
for last Sunday but the management had to call it off
due to threats from G.W.V. he also was told that he might
find himself in the river, if he let us have the place.
Yours in the scrap, S. R. Keeling

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