Title: Letter of 29 November 1919 from V. R. Midgley to Ernest Robinson
Author: Midgley, V. R.
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG10 A3, One Big Union, M308
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the Hamilton convention I would point out that we can always
have a caucus of the western delegates; - we had that in Quebec;
but what we need is a representative gathering of the entire
western labor movement and we cannot get that at any place
east of Winnipeg, and Calgary it was agreed at Quebec, was the
most central place to meet for the four western provinces.
Let me extend to you my best wishes for your
succes in the coming municipal elections, and hope that you
will be able to find time to give some attention to the
accouchement of the Western Conference of which you were one
of the parents.
Yours fraternally,

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