Title: Letter of 29 November 1919 from V. R. Midgley to Ernest Robinson
Author: Midgley, V. R.
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG10 A3, One Big Union, M308
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November 29th 1918
E. Robinson
Labor Temple
Winnipeg, Man.
Dear Robinson
Must confess that I am disappointed not only
at your delay in replying to my letters, but what is more
important that you have apparently changed your mind about
the necessity of holding the Western Conference.
We have worked hard on this proposition here
ever since our returen and as a result of our efforts we
have performed the difficult feat of not only changing the
convention city of the B. C. Federation of Labor, but of getting
the membership to agree to taking the provincial convention
out of the province entirely. (The returns so far received
indicate that the referendum to change the convention city
to Calgary will be carried by an overhelming majority.)
All that Alberta has to do to ensure the success
of the Western Conference is to move their convention from
Medicine Hat to Calgary Alta. and all you have to do in
Manitoba is to get busy and boost the proposition because you
have no provincial convention to move.
The conclusion to the war has only accentuated
the reasons that made us agree in Quebec on the necessity of
holding this conference.
Winnipeg has always been a center of progressive
activities as fas as the labor movement is concerned and we
shall be very much disappointed if you and the officers of
your Council do not assist in making this Western Conference
a success.
There are many matters that the voice of labor
should be heard on before the Congress meets next September -
censorship regulations - government by Orders-in-Council - shorter
work ady - , etc; etc; and above all we should meet and try to
organize our forces before the avalanche of unemployment which
is impending entirely engulfs us.
The value of this conference will be worth many
times the amount that it will cost to hold it, and in connection
with your suggestion of holding a meeting of the delegates to

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