Title: Minutes, Manitoba Women’s Institute. Pilot Mound District, 1 January 1914,
Author: Manitoba Women's Institute. Pilot Mound District
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG10 C8 – 6, Manitoba Women’s Institute, Pilot Mound District, First Minute book, p. 56-57
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have discussed "Good Pictures, Their Influence
and how to enjoy them" - House furnishing-
Dining Rooms in particular. "The Mothers duty
to her boy." - An economic cake recipe - and
Woman's suffrage.
The Society then listened with great interest
to a very instructiveaddress by Dr. Speechly
on Progress of Medical knowledge during the
past generation in relation to the home.
In this address the speaker after speaking
of the many discoveries in Medical Science
during the past few years showed how these
discoveries might be applied for the preven-
tion of disease in every home.
The thanks of the Society were given Dr. Speechly
for his able address.
At the close of the meeting the usual
refreshments were served.
Jessie Stephenson for
Mary Speechly

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