Title: Public Schools Manitoba, Professional First-Class Teacher's Certificate issued to R. Godias Brunet 11 April 1910
Author: Manitoba. Dept.of Education
Source: Société historique de Saint-Boniface Archives, Godias Brunet Fonds 11/405/95
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No. 27773 Bi-lingual French-English
Professional First-Class Teacher's Certificate
It is hereby Certified that R. Godias Brunet has presented
satisfactory evidence to the Advisory Board for the Province of Manitoba.
1. The he has received the Normal School Training required by the Regulations of the Board, having atteneded Normal School
at Quebec for nine months in 1907.
2. That he has taught school successfully in the Province for at least one year.
3. That he is a person of good moral character.
4. That he has obtained the standing prescribed for a First-Class Non-Professional Certificate by passing
the first class examination in Quebec.
5. That he has passed the Special Professional Examination required for First-Class Teachers
he is accordingly, awarded a
Professional First-Class Certificate, Grade B
Bi-lingual French-English
which shall be valid as a License to Teach in any Public School in Manitoba during the pleasure of the Board.
R. Fletcher G. R. Coldwell
Deputy Minister Minister of Education
Dated at the Education Office, Winnipeg, this Elventh day of April 1910.

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