Title: DOMINION LANDS GRANT TO John Ham Sills Situate in the Province of Manitoba Township No. 3 Range 1E. Prin Mer Section N. E. ¼ of 34 No. of acres 160 dated 9th February 1883
Author: Department of the Secretary of State of Canada
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG8 D4, Sills, John Ham - Dominions Land Grant
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99 432
TO Victoria, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain
John Ham Sills and Ireland, QUEEN, Defender of the Faith, &c. &c, &c.
SITUATE IN THE To all whom these Presents shall come - Greeting:

Whereas the Lands, hereinafter described, are part of the Lands know as “Dominion Lands,”
and mentioned in the Act of the Parliament of Canada, passed in the thirth-fifth
Province of Manitoba year of Our Reign and intituled: “An Act respecting the Public Lands of the
Township No. 3 Dominion;”
AND WHEREAS John Ham Sills of Frankford in the County
Range 1.E. Prin Mer of Hastings in the Province of Ontario, in Our Dominion of
Section N.E. ¼ of 34 Canada, Manufacturer,
No. of Acres 160 has applied for a grant of the said lands and his claim to such grant having
been duly investigated by Us he has been found duly entitled thereto.
NOW KNOW YE, that by these Presents We do grant, convey and assure, unto the said
John Ham Sills, his heirs,
and assigns forever; all that Parcel or Tract of Land, situate, lying in the _Third Town-
DATED 9th February 1883 ship in the First Range East of the Principal Meridian, in the Province of
Manitoba in our Dominion of Canada, and being composed of
RECORDED 23rd February 1883 The North East quarter of Section Thirty-four of the said
L. A. Catellier
Dep: Registrar General
of Canada

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