Title: Letter of 1919 from secretary of the Great War Veterans Association to the Winnipeg Trades and Labor Council and the Citizens' Committee of One Thousand
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG14 C46, Frederick G. Thompson, Great War Veterans Association and Returned Soldiers Loyalist Association Correspondence, Resolutions, Minutes, etc.
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The Secretary,
Trades & Labour Council,
The Chairman,
Citizens’ Committee of One Thousand,
Dear Sir:
Undesirable Aliens and High Cost of Living
We beg to submit to you our definition of
undesirable Aliens, which is as follows:-
An undesirable alien is one of foreign parent-
age, whether born within or without Canada, who has
(1) Failed to observe or comply with all legal
enactments or regulations dealing with enemy
aliens to which he or she may be subject.
(2) Being a naturalized Citizen of Canada, become
a draft evader by posing as an enemy alien.
(3) Become a naturalized Citizen of Canada by
means clearly proved to have been fraudulent.
(4) Entered Canada in contravention or by evasion
of the immigration laws.
(5) Been found disloyal or in any other way un-
desirable by the Manitoba Alien Investigation
Board or so shown by any official police record.
We should be glad if you would kindly bring this
matter before your body and, if you can see your way to letting
us have an answer as quickly as possible as to whether you agree
to this definition and if not, what amendments you suggest, it
would be greatly appreciated.

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