Title: Memorandum for scrutineers, c. 1917, excerpt
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG 14 B 25 1/2, Frederick John Dixon File 2
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13. Through misunderstanding or otherwise a number of women's
names may be on the list who are not really entitled to vote. If
you can politely draw out any information from them or bring it
to their attention that they are only entitled to be on the list
in event of their having a husband, son, father or brother
at the Front, they themselves being otherwise qualified as to age,
race and residence, you may save votes being cast which should
not be. There may be women on the list who think they have a
a right to vote, but could not do so on ascertaining the oath that
they are required to take if challenged.
This suggestion is to be used with care so as not to in
any way interfere with the right of any one to vote as they wish.
If an Agent is acting in the Polling Division in which he
is not a voter and if he has not obtained a certificate from the
enumerator of his Polling Division to enable him to vote where
he is acting, he should communicate as early in the day as
possible with Headquarters Main 4157-4158 so that his certificate
may be obtained for him.

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