Title: Letter of 30 March 1896 from Clifford Sifton and J. D. Cameron to Arthur R. Dickey, Alphonse Desjardines, and Donald A. Smith
Author: Sifton, Clifford, Sir, 1861-1929
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG14 B41, Clifford Sifton - Affidavits, etc. re: Manitoba School Question
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"such resolution to be assented to by a majority, religious
"exercises and teaching to be held in any public school be-
"tween 3.30 and 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Such religious
"exercises and teaching to be conducted by any christian clerg-
"yman whose charge includes any portion of the school dis-
"trict, or by any person satisfactory to a majority of the
"trustees who may be authorized by said clergyman to act in
"his stead; the trustees to allot the period fixed for re-
"ligious exercises or teaching for the different days of the
"week to the representatives of the different religious de-
"nominations to which the pupils may belong in such a way
"as to proportion the time allotted as nearly as possible to
"the number of pupils in the school of the respective de-
"nominations. Two or more denominations to have the privilege
"of uniting for the purpose of such religious exercises. If
"no duly authorized representative of any of the denomina-
tions attend, the regular school work to be carried on until
"four o'clock."
"No pupil to be permitted to be present at
"such religious exercises or teaching if the parents shall
"object. In such case the pupil to be dismissed at 3-30."
"Where the school room accomodation at the
"disposal of the trustees permits, instead of alloting differ-
ent days of the week to different denominations, the trustees
to direct that the pupils shall be separated and placed in
"different rooms for the purpose of religious exercises as
"may be convenient."
We believe that the foregoing proposal will
remove every well-founded grievance.
If the objection of the minority be that the

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