Title: Trial testimony of 4 November 1919 of Robert Boyd Russell
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG10 A14-2, Robert Boyd Russell #52, Winnipeg Strike Trials, Court of King’s Bench, King vs Russell (examination of R. B. Russell)
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there the soldiers had marched there and it was clear to
us that there was going to be trouble – it had been told
them that we were going to commemorate the death of
Liebknecht and Luxembourg, and they were filled up with the
propaganda that all Germans were Huns and they would not
stand for it... The police advised us not to start and
just then someone hoisted a Union Jack and the soldiers
started making anyone who looked like a foreigner kiss the
flag and beat them up. Taking their money off them and
kicking them into pulp – then they proceeded up to our
headquarters and broke up all the furniture, smashed windows-
Q. I thing that meets the purpose; that is a correct statement? A: Yes.

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