Title: Trial testimony of 4 November 1919 of Robert Boyd Russell
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG10 A14-2, Robert Boyd Russell #52, Winnipeg Strike Trials, Court of King’s Bench, King vs Russell (examination of R. B. Russell)
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The riots had taken place that day, and on the Monday
I received a wire from Stephenson of Vancouver, saying
that the Press reports in Vancouver had stated that
the Socialist headquarters had been raided in Winnipeg,
and he wired to see if any of us had been hurt. I wired
him a reply, stating we were all right; nothing had
happened to any of us. I followed that with a letter
of January 30th to Stephenson. Q. What is Exhibit 23?
A. This is the letter here.
Q. Does that correctly state the facts concerning that?
A. This states the facts in connection with that meeting,
and the real cause of it. “Following my night letter
regarding the Winnipeg situation, I will give you an
outline of the happenings. At the Trades &
Labor council meeting, we had a great victory and killed
the labor party for sure. We had another mass meeting
called for last Sunday, to discuss the causes of the
German revolution, under the auspices of the party. It
appears that the Great War Veteran approached the Manage-
ment of the theatre and told them if they opened the theatre
there would be trouble – we were also advised not to hold
the meeting. However, we turned up at 2 P. M. on the Sunday
and were refused the theatre. The soldiers were out in
full force about three thousand strong. We then decided to
hold the meeting in the Market Square – when we got

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