Title: "Circumstances of Death Report" 1917
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P3348, Alexander Logan Waugh 12
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R.204. 7 1/2M.
UNIT – Canadian Cavalry Brigade, Machine Gun Squadron.
RANK – Lieut. NUMBER --
DATE OF DEATH – 1-12-17.
CAUSE OF DEATH – Killed in action.
Detailed report of circumstances surrounding the death of this soldier.
(If "died of wounds" please report how wounds were received):-

The late Lieut. Waugh, with his sub-Section
Officer and four machine guns, were ordered to move forward
from their position at about 3.00 p.m. on December 1st
1917. The two Officers were both in the same shell hole
at the time which also contained a gun crew with its gun.
Both Officers sprang out of the shell hole at the same
moment and on the same side, and Lieut. Waugh received
a bullet through the stomach from the rifle of a German
Sniper. All he said at the moment was "I am done for",
and he insisted on being left and advance of guns not
retarded. The other Officer detailed two soldiers to
look after him, get him back to the shelter of the shell-
hole, to try and secure the service of a Doctor, and also
Stretcher if possible. The soldiers reported that he
died about 30 minutes later, having talked very little,
his sole wish being apparently to be left alone and not
to trouble any one else.
(Sgd) -?-
for Officer Commanding.
This report to be signed by or for Officer Commanding and
returned direct to:- (strike-out line)
A.A.G. (Canadian Section),
G.H.Q. 3rd Echelon.

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