Title: Distinguished Service Order, 3 April 1918, Alan Arnett McLeod
Author: E. L. Gossage
Source: Original in Canadian War Museum. Copy in the Archives of Manitoba, P5148, Alan Arnett McLeod.
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Lt. Col.
E. L. Gossage.
1st Wing.
from all directions firing their front gun.
Lieut. HAMMOND fired bursts at each machine in turn
shooting three of them down out of control.
During this engagement he was wounded six times.
He was continuing to fire on the hostile machines, when
a bullet penetrated the petrol tank setting the machine
on fire. The pilot, 2/Lt. MCLEOD, athough wounded five
times, with great skill and coolness, managed to climb
on to the left hand bottom plane and controlled the machine
from the side of the fuselage, sideslipping to the ground.
Lieut. HAMMOND despite the wounds and surrounded by
flames, continued to fire upon the enemy machine whilst
descending. The machine crashed in "No Man's Land". 2/Lt.
McLEOD managed to extricate Lt Hammond from the flames and
heated bombs, and dragged him to a shell hole, from which
they were both subsequently rescued by our Infantry under
heavy fire form the enemy lines.
Lieut. HAMMOND has now accounted for five enemy machines.
On this occasion he undboubtedly saved the life of his
pilot by his great coolness.
This Officer has always set a most magnificient example
to the other Observers of his Squadron.
This Officer was awarded the MILITARY CROSS on 2nd March
(Signed) E. L. GOSSAGE
Lieut Colonel.
Commanding 1st. Wing.
Royal Air Force.

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