Title: Distinguished Service Order, 3 April 1918, Alan Arnett McLeod
Author: E. L. Gossage
Source: Original in Canadian War Museum. Copy in the Archives of Manitoba, P5148, Alan Arnett McLeod.
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1st (Corps Wing. 1st, Brigade R.A.F.
2/Lt. McLEOD was again wounded by the explosion
of one the the bombs while doing this. He managed to
get Lieut HAMMOND to comparative safety before he himself
fell through exhaustion and loss of blood.
Both Officiers were eventually rescued by our Infantry,
still under heavy fire from the enemy lines.
By his great coolness 2/Lt. McLEOD undoubtedly saved
his observer from certain death.
On 16th January 1918 2/Lt. McLEOD crossed the lines to
LA BASSEE, and descending to within 50 feet of the ground,
effectively silenced an Anti-aircraft Battery with machine
gun fire, firing 150 rounds,
On 14th January 1918, diving through the clouds, this
Officer attacked a hostile balloon near BAUVIN, firing 100
rounds. The balloon colapsed and fell to the ground.
On 3rd January 1918, he flew over the lines and fired 400
rounds down the main street of LA BASSEE,
2/Lt. McLEOD has alway set a magnificient example to the
other Officers of the Squadron, and has proved himself a most
valuable Artillery Pilot.
Recommended for "Mention in Despatches" in Birthday Honours Gazette 1918.
No. 2 Sqdn.
Temp. Lieutenant
Major W. R. SNOW.
No.2 Sqdn.
For most conspicuous gallantry and coolness in Aerial
Fighting against greatly superior numbers.
On March 27, 1918 whilst flying with his pilot 2/Lt.
A. A. McLEOD East of ALBERT attacking hostile troops and
transport with machine gun fire and bombs from 5,000 feet.
he was attacked by eight enemy Scouts (Triplanne) which dived

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