Title: "United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners" in 1907 Labour Day Souvenir Program, p. 19 and 21.
Source: Archives of Manitoba, Winnipeg Trades and Labour Council 1, 1907 Labour Day Souvenir Program, p. 19 and 21
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Local 343 of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters
and Joiners. Our union spent last year, for organizing
purposes in this city, the sum of $2,500, and we are
still spending a very large amount of money this year
with the same object in view. We keep a business
agent in the field during the season who can always
be found in the business agents office, Trades Hall,
James Street East, where strangers are always
welcome, and all information pertaining to the trade
will be cheerfully given.
The officers for the present year are: President,
Wm. Ross; Vice-President, Jas. McKinnon; Record-
ing Secretary, Chas. Scott, Lincoln Park, Box 121;
Financial Secretary, A. W. Evans, Box 121; and
Treasurer, A. A. Eggo, Trades hall; Conductor, John
Irthum; Warden, Harley Jones; Business Agent,
C. J. Harding, Trades Hall, Box 121. Office hours 7
to 8 p.m.
The union still has on its active roll two of the
original charter members, and it has three who by
reason of their long continuous membership and
service are entitled to rank as veterans in the trade
union movement of the west. Wm. Ross, the present
president, has in the past served the union in that
capacity, and has been for twenty years on the roll.
Robert Bell is also a member of twenty years standing.
Alex. Eggo, the treasurer, has been for eighteen years
a member of the union, and is now in his seventeenth
year as treasurer. This is the record for the occupancy
of a union office in Winnipeg.
The United Brotherhood has now three local
unions in the Winnipeg district, there being a
German union in the city and a St. Boniface local.
These are now well grounded organizations and
materially increase the strength and prestige of the
brotherhood. The officers of these locals are as
St. Boniface.—President, Joe Biron; Vice-Presi- [President]
Achile Boucher; Recording Secretary, T. N. Dupas;
Finance Secretary, Albert Aubin; Treasurer, Alf.
Dandurand; Conductor, J. E. Terrault; Warden, Jos.
St. Onge.
German Local No. 1529.—President, Top. Har-
gung; Vice-President, Anton Maly; Recording Sec-

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