Title: Canada and Her Soldiers, 1919
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P4453A, South Dakota Historical Society File 2
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Section 2.
Return of Dependents.
The Government announces that they will send to
their homes in Canada, free of charge, the dependents
of Canadian soldiers who return to Canada for
demobilisation. This provision is retroactive to the
11th November, 1918, and dependents who have
paid their own transportation charges to Canada
since the 11th November, 1918, will be reimbursed
by the Government.
Section 3.
War Service Gratuities.
The Canadian Government has authorized the
payment of War Service Gratuities in place of post-
discharge pay. The amount to be paid is graduated
up to six months’ pay and allowances, according to
length and nature of service. For service Overseas it
is necessary to have been on the strength for pay and
allowances of some recognised Overseas establish-
ment who were on active service on the date of the
Pay and allowances referred to below are exclusive
of Subsistence Allowance, Allowance in lieu of
Rations and Quarters, or Messing Allowance.
3 years and over...183 days’ pay and allowances.
2 to 3 years...153 days’ pay and allowances.
1 to 2 years...122 days’ pay and allowances.
Less than 1 year...92 days’ pay and allowances.

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